Probate Avoidance

Probate is the court oversight process that takes place after a person passes away to ensure that all of their assets pass to those entitled to receive them. If the decedent passed away without a will, their assets pass pursuant to the state's intestacy statute. If the decedent had a will, then the assets pass to the named beneficiaries. Many people think that a will is the key document in an estate plan, but that simply is not the case; executing a will does not help the family avoid the probate process. Probate is time consuming, expensive, confusing, inconvenient, and emotionally draining for everyone involved.

We work with clients to craft careful, considered estate plans with the goal of avoiding probate. Through the use of revocable and irrevocable trusts, beneficiary designations, and other efficient methods of transferring assets, we are able to create plans that preserve assets, time, and effort after the death of the client.

If you are concerned about cost, effort, and inconvenience of probate after your death, please contact us to schedule a initial conference.