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A final judgment is not always the last time parties to a divorce or other family law matter have issues that need to be brought before the Probate and Family Court. Oftentimes parties will need to seek a modification of these judgments because of a change in circumstances after the divorce or judgment was entered. A Complaint for Modification must be filed in order to modify a court order after a final judgment has entered, but not every order is modifiable post-divorce. We help our clients determine whether or not an order can be modified, and then help clients perform the necessary cost/benefit analysis to see if the desired modification is worth pursuing. This includes a child support analysis to see if the parties would be likely to receive an increase or decrease in the amount of support being paid.


When one party fails to comply with an order of the court, the party seeking to enforce the order must file a Complaint for Contempt against the non-compliant party. If you are seeking to enforce an order or Judgment of the Probate and Family Court, or have received a Summons with a Complaint for Contempt, we can help guide you through that process.

If you need to adjust your divorce agreement to reflect a change in circumstances, or if you need to pursue enforcement of your existing agreement, contact us to learn more about your options and begin the process.