Child custody issues in Massachusetts that tend to go to trial typically involve complex or contentious disputes where parents cannot reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation–often because there is no middle ground. Learn more about the reasons why these cases lead to trial.

  •  6/21/2024 12:02 AM

Understanding the interaction between restraining orders and divorce is crucial for those facing domestic violence. This blog explores how restraining orders impact child custody, visitation, and property division during divorce proceedings, emphasizing the importance of seeking legal guidance to navigate these complexities.

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Understand how supervised parenting time works in Massachusetts and discover helpful tips for navigating supervised parenting time to prioritize child welfare and wellbeing.

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Consider these 6 things when deciding if a trust or LLC is the best option for your vacation home.

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Learn more about the Massachusetts Parentage Act and what it means for LGBTQ+ families.

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Understand the new changes to the Massachusetts Estate Tax.

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Traveling without your kids is exciting, but it's important to prepare in advance for emergencies while you're away.

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Inheritances can negatively affect a person's eligibility for government benefits. Estate planning can help.

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Internet estate plans are alluring but pose huge risks to the unwary. Learn more about the pitfalls of internet estate plans.

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What you should know about working with Mulhall Withrow as your lifelong trusted advisors for family law and estate planning matters

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Pets are often considered part of the family. We want to see our pets cared for even in our absence. Do you have a pan for your pet in the event of your passing?

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Estate planning terms can seem confusing and even somewhat convoluted. Let's discuss the term specifically used to describe someone's "stuff," otherwise known as tangible personal property.

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