30 Apr

Worry. Sadness. Dread. Even anger. With estate planning – especially young families with minors – emotions can run high during the process. Even just thinking about its purpose, providing direction and security when you or a loved one are incapacitated or gone, can feel like too much. It’s okay to feel these feelings. As estate planners, we believe one of the most significant parts of our job is compassion: helping you deal with the emotional parts of estate planning. 

Can I Emotionally Prepare for Estate Planning?

It’s been our experience that families hit a tipping point where the concern of not undertaking estate planning outweighs the emotional “blocks” that many individuals experience. Here are two of the most common: 

  • The “D” Word: It’s hard to confront your death, regardless of how hypothetical. And that’s completely understandable. It’s okay to use other terms or euphemisms: the important thing is you don’t let it stop you from planning for it.
  • Loss of Control: Planning for a loss of control, from incapacity planning to transfer of assets to family members in asset planning and management, can be daunting. Starting early and laying the groundwork now will help reduce those pressures later.

How Finding the Right Attorney Can Help

Even the thought of talking to an estate planning attorney can be intimidating. The best advice I can give here is to find one that focuses on your specific situation and concerns and shares your passion. For us, this is a focus on young families with minor children: We put our hearts and souls into this work, and it’s what we love doing. 

How Attorneys Can Help You Voice Your Fears

More than just breaking the ice, an attorney who truly cares about your family’s particular needs (and even existential problems) can help you to find the best solutions. For example, much of our work with young families includes guardianship and incapacity planning for parents with minor children, a concern that families always have but can have trouble putting into words. 

It’s Okay to Learn More about Estate Planning First

Sometimes the best way of overcoming your fear is through education. We're big believers in answering questions, providing information, and teaching as part of the process. If you’d like to learn more, you’ve come to the right place! Below are some resources that can help you start. 

Ready to take the next step? Maybe I can help. Mulhall Withrow focus on helping young families with estate planning in Massachusetts. Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll work together to get through it.